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“I won’t lie to you, fatherhood isn’t easy like motherhood”

-Homer Simpson

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I simply couldn’t resist starting out my very first post as the dad blogger on MomsCharlotte with the above quote.  Granted, it is a little cliché for a man to find a quote from The Simpsons to be profound, but I’ve struggled with how to start this thing for a couple of days now and this seemed best.  Really.  Days and this is what I came up with. Looks like we're off to a bang up start!

As I’ve found, there are tons of websites out there dedicated to token sentiments and quotes to be included with your Father’s Day card.  I knew one would be perfect for my first blog entry, but which one?

Should I use Shakespeare? 

How about Twain? 

Bill Cosby?

The subtle genius that is Anon? 

All quotes offered thoughts on fatherhood, some deeply profound, some mildly funny.  But no quote seemed quite irreverent enough for my taste until I found the one above.  And that leads into who I am and what I’m doing here.

I’m a stay at home dad living in Charlotte’s Fourth Ward neighborhood uptown.  I left my career at one of the local banks more than two years ago when my daughter was three months old and haven’t looked back.  Since then my daughter and I have both grown together (literally- I somehow seem to put on a pound every time she does) and have dedicated ourselves to finding as much joy and experience as life can offer.   We’re going to share some of that with you.

Along the way I believe we’ll digress a little from some of the tired “Mr. Mom” gags (I have no problems cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, etc.); instead we will discuss current events, general parenting issues, the experience of raising children in the uptown neighborhoods (Discovery Place within walking distance!), parenting as a vegetarian (you know, kids notoriously love veggies) and anything else I can think of (science?, politics?, steam mop technique?).  As a man, it can be hard to commit, so I can’t be nailed down to one topic or mood right now, especially this early in our relationship.

I’ve been a regular visitor and forum troll on the MomsCharlotte site for months now.  I’ve made several friendships- way more than I would have expected at a site for moms.  A quick visit to the forum shows that the moms here are not “just” anything.  They are intelligent, hard working women dedicated to their communities, families, and jobs- not “just moms”.   Trust me, the moms here are not afraid to argue politics with you, for example. 

Some of you also have potty mouths. 

So, thank you for welcoming me into your fold and even giving me a little space here on the site to share with you.  While motherhood may indeed be easier than fatherhood, I’m sure we still have lots to learn from each other.  :P 

Please, stop by anytime!