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Medical Management

I swear I’m never sick … but lately I feel like I’ve been at the doctor at least once a week. One week for me, the next for one of my three kids. Who can work in-between all of these doctor appointments?!  

When a friend turned me on to the Pediatric Medkit, I was a little skeptical. The plastic “box” contains a binder with very organized sections (Providers, Current Medications, Medical History, etc.). Would I really fill in the information and keep up with it? I am on the fence when it comes to being organized; with some things I really have it together; with others, not so much.  But I wanted to give it a go.  

I decided to start with my youngest daughter since she’s been having ear issues and just had tubes put in. Plus, at 9 months, we still have plenty of well checks for her.  What I liked about it is that I can keep everything in one place and know where to find it.  When it was time for her 9 month check, I just pulled out the box, stuck it in my diaper bag (it’s the size of a binder) and brought it to my ped. I had jotted down questions I wanted to ask her (there’s a specific section for it) so I didn’t forget anything I had been wondering. My husband, who is ultra-organized, appreciated having all of the billing information in one place so he didn’t have to ask me for it. I recorded her new weight, shot info, etc. all in one place where I knew where to find it again.  

They also have a version for adults that I’m considering, not only for myself, but also for my parents. I guess I’m officially old; my parents (ok, more or less my mom) is at the doctor about every week herself now and could probably use something like this as well. At $24.95 , it will make a great gift for her.  

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