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Nursery Ideas....

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had any nursery ideas for girls. I am not that creative (and I mean really not at so I need help!!! I have gotten many ideas from co-workers and friends but nothing is really standing out.

My original idea was to go with blue and yellow if it was a boy and pink and yellow if it was a girl. Some people have suggested "themes" like Disney princesses or Daisies, which would be fine but I don't want to do something that has been done 100 times.

I think I like pink and brown for colors (suggested by my 15 year old) but have had a hard time finding a theme or anything on the internet or in the stores as far as decorations/bedding/etc... that doesn't cost a bunch of money but is still cute and good quality.

The furniture we picked out will be Cherry or Espresso wood so I think that would go nice with the pink and brown.

Any ideas would be most welcome!