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The perfect present

I've been saving this one up ... didn't want to let the cat out of the bag because it's one of my favorites.  Yeah, yeah; I swore I'd never be "one of those" who gave the same gift to everyone.  I wanted to go select something special for each person having a baby.  But with so many babies being born, it's tough to keep up! Plus when you find a great gift, you might as well keep 'em comin'.

I actually got one of these personalized blocks for my the birth of my middle daughter.  It was so unique that I surfed on over to the Web site of the creator; and I've been hooked ever since.

Craft-e-family ( makes all kinds of unique personalized wooden pieces, but the one that I'm into is "baby's first block".  You input all the info; baby's name, birth date, time, place, parent's info, etc.  Each side of the wooden block is laser engraved on a 2" natural maple block.  The one side has baby's first initial.

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We all cherish things with our newest one's name on it, which is one of the reasons I love this.  It's not clothing, so baby won't grow out of it. It's not "stylish" so it won't go out of style. And at a price point of $15.50, the price is most certainly right.

Shipping is nominal and therefore, everything seems to add up. So let it be known ... if you have a baby anytime soon and I'm on your email list, you may just be getting one of these from yours truly. And I'm pretty sure you'll be glad that you did!