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Get Rid Of Those Old Medicines Safely

Many, if not all of us will rely on prescription medication at some point in our lives. Prescription drugs help millions of people recover from illness, control pain and much more. But what happens to the medicines we no longer need or that have expired. How do you get rid of them safely?

Disposing of your prescription drugs in the most earth friendly manner is another way to do your part.

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Don't flush any drugs d own the toilet unless the drug label or patient information specifically instructs you to do so.

If you live in Charlotte you can bring your old/expired/unused drugs to a nearby Harris Teeter location for Operation Medicine Drop on Saturday March 28. You can learn more here.

Otherwise, most drugs can be thrown in the trash. But you should take certain precautions first.

      - Take the drugs out of the container. 

      - Peel the label off the bottle to protect your personal information.

      - Recycle the bottle if your local program takes that number plastic.

      - Mix the drugs with something undesirable like kitty litter or coffee grounds. This way, the medication will appear less desirable to children and pets.     

     - Store in a sealed bag and put it in the garbage can. 


Disposing of unused medicines in the most environmentally friendly manner is just one more way that each one of us  can do our part.