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2009 Retrospective (Part 1)

This time of year is one of my favorites because of the end of year lists that come out in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve.  I love a nice year-end retrospective, but normally I don’t have enough documentation around what’s happened in my own life to compile a retrospective all my own.  That’s all changed with my little blog here- so away we go:


January 2009

I wasn’t blogging on the site yet, but I specifically remember January because several important historical things happened.  On the 20th, for example, one of my picks for album of the year was released, it snowed, AND that was the day that the February issue of Charlotte Magazine was released.  Why was this memorable?  Well, check it out.


February 2009

The Super Bowl!  I have no idea who was in it or a firm grasp of what sport they play at it so let’s move on.  I do know that February was the month the new MomsCharlotte site was launched and the month that I began blogging for the site.  I opened my first blog with a quote from the Simpsons.  It’s been kinda downhill from there. 

March 2009

On the 6th NASA launched their Kepler mission to find Earth-like planets in our galaxy.  Turns out ACORN had already found and registered many of the inhabitants of these Earthlike planets to vote for the chosen one.  Oh, and IKEA opened in Charlotte, and all of my friends prepared to move away.


April 2009

My daughter surprised me with her affinity for masked characters.  Residents in Mexico start to notice that they have more than just the sniffles.  After vetting several different animals, Obama settles on Bo the dog. 


May 2009

Americans apologize for killing 147 civilians in an Afghanistan bombing raid.  The Nobel Committee notes that it wasn’t 150 civilians, and starts discussions about who should receive this year’s peace prize.  It needs to be someone with no discernable qualifications… but who??  I lamented my lack of sick day benefits.


June 2009

A comedian wins the Minnesota Senate seat, effectively putting a bunch of jokers in charge of an increasingly powerful Federal government.  Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died.  I took an outdoor shower.  Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina, hikes the Appala--   err…  um, never mind.


And that was just the first half of the year!  We’ll visit the second half in a couple of days….  I’m stopping now to take down the tree.