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Had her cake ⦠ate it too. And loved every bite of it!

People laugh at me when I tell them that if I could choose just one food to eat for the rest of my life it’d be birthday cake. It’s true; there’s nothing that I like more than a good cake. Frosting is my favorite, and the cake texture has to be just right. So when I happened upon Ella Art 3.5 years ago, I thought I’d hit cake heaven. And while this may not be your typical “product”, everyone has a reason to celebrate. I celebrate just getting a dessert from her, occasion or no occasion.

  This past weekend was my middle daughter’s 3rd birthday. I called Ella a few weeks in advance and told her the party was going to be at Monkey Joe’s; she was turning 3 and can you please make it my favorite: chocolate with white icing. This is what I got when I picked it up.

blog post photo

Now I know some people like to research design ideas; sometimes I have a specific theme in mind but when it comes to the creation itself, I leave it up to the expert. And I’ve never been disappointed.  

I realize you can only see how good this looks – but I promise you it tastes even better.  Every time I host a party with one of Ella’s cakes, the reviews are outstanding. I’ll hear everything from “ohhhh my gosh … where did you get this?” to “This is SOOOO worth it!”  My husband, who is much more of a “salty” person vs. “sweet” person says the cakes are the bomb. I couldn’t agree more. 

You can view more of Ella’s fabulous creations at – but you have to taste it to believe it. And I promise you won't be disappointed!