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Paper or Plastic? Neither â“ Iâ™ve got my Neela.

So I’m trying to do my part. You know; recycling boxes and cans, reusing when possible. And keeping waste to a minimum. I even bought the green grocery bags from HT. But guess what? They’re sitting in the trunk of my car.  The problem is, they’re so big and bulky I can’t keep them in a convenient place where I can remember them. Which is why I love my Neela Bags.  

The Market Pack is the adorable carry-all bag that stores 5 other bags inside – also super cute and so compactly folded up that I have no excuse to not use them. I keep it in my passenger seat; when I head into the grocery store or Target, I bring it with my purse and am good to go.  If I need just one, I’ve got it; I’ve also got 5 on hand for bigger shopping trips.  The prints are so trendy that I always get compliments on them!

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  Neela makes so many different bags, there’s one for just about every use I’ve had. The Standard Market Tote holds contents of up to 3 plastic bags and is ideal for those who don’t have the Market Pack. The Retail Shopper is perfect for shopping trips (think SouthPark) – and at less than $5, you’ll have plenty to spend at the mall even after purchasing it.   

I love my Denali Tote; it’s a durable, solid-colored bag that folds up into a teeny-tiny pouch.  I throw it into my purse and have it there for the many times I need some sort of bag (which seems to be all of the time). It can hold up to 25 pounds and is even machine washable!

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I also have the Quattro Wine Tote – perfect for carrying bottles of wine from the store or to any destination. 

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  I hesitate to say it’s not easy being green – because with products like the ones from Neela, it’s not only easy, it’s also economical. The bags are so darn cute that you almost can’t believe they’re also good for our environment!