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My love/hate relationship with coupons

Thanks to our Deal Divas, I've been a much better coupon clipper lately. For that, I am both grateful and resentful.

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I love it when I see how much money I save in coupons. With triple coupons recently, I saved something crazy like $70 (although I still managed to spend $200). On a normal week, I can save $20-$30. That's great, and it makes me feel accomplished and thrifty and wise.

I hate how long it takes me to shop with coupons. My envelope is sort of organized, but I still must rummage through to look at the coupon so I can compare the coupon price to the store brand price. If it's double or triple coupons, math is involved. Yikes. My shopping trips take at least 15-20 minutes longer now. If my kids are with me, it's impossible to stop them from eating 10 of every sample when I'm reading the coupon's fine print.

At this point, I'll continue to clip. And complain.