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OB visit....would you be upset?

Ok, I need some advice after an OB visit two days ago left me in tears after leaving the office. Please be it hormones? Am I overreacting?

I went to have a routine check up with my OB two days ago and was highly disappointed after my visit. Until now things have been fine. I haven't honesty been "overly" thrilled or impressed with the customer service, but no valid complaints so far.

So, I got there about 30 minutes early and was the second patient on the sign-in sheet. An hour later I go up to the front desk and ask them to check and see if my doctor is running behind because I have seen more than a dozen people float in and out while I have been sitting there.

They proceed to tell me that they have lost my chart and will call me back in a minute. I'm wondering why the women at the front desk didn't ask me who I was there to see or follow up and ask the nurse when I would be called back. Hmmmm...maybe because they were too busy chatting amongst themselves.

I get back to the room and the nurse takes my blood pressure and apologizes for me having to wait and them losing my chart. That is fine.

The doctor then comes in and listens to my baby girl and tells me that the heartbeat is at 160 beats per minute, my weight gain is good, I am doing great and to come see him again in 4 weeks. He also mentions that the practice is having an open house to meet all of the other doctors and I should try to go because he may not be the one delivering my baby.

I ask him why (does he have a lot of patients due around the same time I'm wondering?)...he responds "If you schedule a c-section then I probably will deliver the baby but if you naturally go into labor I may not be the one delivering because I honestly don't feel like delivering babies every 24 hours". Really?!?!?!?! Is that not your job?!?!?!?

Ok, why not address me by name and maybe ask me how I am doing or how I have been feeling? It would take 30 seconds for you to personalize my visit and make me feel valued.

The last time I was there they drew blood for the second part of my sequential screening. I never got a phone call or letter in the mail with the results so I asked about it (they have found my chart now by the way).

So the nurse says you can wait for us to find the results because they aren't in your chart or we can call you with them. I asked her to call me because I had already been there for 90 minutes and had to get to work. After I leave, she calls me about 15 minutes later....

"I have bad news to add to your already bad morning", she says. They never completed the screen because they lost my blood work! They have record of me completing the blood work but don't have the blood. On top of that she continues to tell me that I only have 2 days left to have the blood redrawn and complete the test or the results won't be accurate and the test will basically be useless.

I was so upset with all of this I want to switch doctors, maybe even go to another practice all together.....any advice?