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Suffering and Compassion

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“Without suffering there would be no compassion.”

This line, from the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’, has always resonated in my heart, even before losing Brian.  I’m not suggesting that compassion can only be found through experiencing pain…  To me the phrase points to the positive effect of difficulties we face in this world.  It reminds me of how important it is to reach out and help others in whatever way I can…  One person’s effort can make a difference…

Two friends have organized a charitable golf tournament, the PLCC All-Lady Pro-Am, for many years to benefit Thompson Child and Family Focus.  This year, for the first time, I donated a framed golf-themed cross stitch picture and a basket of my homemade jams.  Neither was of any monetary significance, but I wanted to contribute something; Sue graciously found a way to incorporate those items into the raffle and golf 'skill' awards.  Since I don’t play golf, I also volunteered a few hours this morning, selling raffle tickets to the tourney players.  Almost every participant purchased several tickets, not because they necessarily wanted the item offered (with exception to the flat screen television), but because the overall point was to help the children.

I’ve no idea of the history and evolution behind this tournament, but I am certain of one thing: Sue and Jody discovered a need and decided they could, and more importantly, would do something about it, recruiting others to help along the way.  Thompson was founded as an orphanage in 1886; they provide services to children in need from birth to age eighteen, believing “All children are special and deserve help; we believe that hope and hard work can heal suffering.”  Last year the tournament raised $15,000…

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Sue and Jody exemplify compassion in action; this is but one of their many undertakings in a determined effort to change lives for the better… 

They are role models I hope to emulate…especially now, as my journey through the valley of shadows and sorrow continues…  

“The way we use adversity

Is strictly our own choice,

For in God’s hands adversity

Can make the heart rejoice.”  Helen Steiner Rice

Wishing you sunshine and always, hope…tg

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