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Oh my darling â¦

Just when I thought I’d seen every bib or burp cloth out there – finally there is one that is not only fun but really is functional.  

Darling Droolers ( ) has combined a super soft, absorbent material with stylish ribbons and baby ric rac to make burp cloths, bibs, changing blankets and loveys that are truly almost too cute to be used.   

Bibs are large enough to catch drips and drools while keeping your little one, you guessed it, just darling.  

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You’ll no longer shy away from the Koala Bear Kare changing stations when armed with one of these changing mats. The 20” x 30” mat comes in numerous color/print options and are not only machine washable, they’re soft enough to be rolled and tucked into a diaper bag. Or double your pleasure by using it as a blanket or liner for your car seat or stroller. Can we say twofer?

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Last but not least, lets talk about loveys: I don’t know about you, but my kids are all suckers for their blankies/loveys … what child isn’t?! Darling Droolers combined their luxurious fabrics with appealing ribbons – a winning combination when it comes to the tiny tots.

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Find the full product line - just don't dool yourself - at