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Folks who know me fairly well know that I am rarely anything if not extreme. 

If one cup of coffee helps you wake up, then two pots should really get you going.  If a splash of bleach helps keep white clothes whiter, then a cup or two will make ‘em sparkle (BTW- it doesn’t, and your pillow cases disintegrate…  trust me, I know).   If one bottle of hand sanitizer helps fight germs, surely five will really do a number on them. 


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Heck, my extreme nature may be why I’m a stay at home dad:  If an involved father is a great thing to have I’ll quit my job and stay home with my kid 24x7. 

Anyhow… this has been a week of extremes for me.  And frankly, I’m worn out from them.

As you may recall, the week started out with me having an extreme cold.  Fortunately the worst of that really only lasted a day or so (possibly because I took extreme quantities of just about every cold medication or remedy available).

I’ve felt happiness as I’ve made new friends and became reacquainted with folks I’d lost touch with.  I’ve also estranged a friend or two in the heat of an argument.

I have two friends who have lost jobs this week as a result of the economic downturn, and another friend express extreme dissatisfaction at a newly started job.

I’ve seen my daughter go from diapers one day, to having a day of “no potty accidents” 48 hours later.

I felt young when I heard about a friend turning 40, then felt old when I realized another friend I went to school with that teaches 4th graders just had her first class graduate from High School.

I’d even say I’ve inspired some and disappointed others.

At the end of weeks like this it’s nice to know that I have a weekend of rest to look forward to- that I can pull my family in close, and we can recharge together.  Because, really, I believe that’s what it’s all about. 

In the midst of a crazy sea of change, wins, losses, sicknesses, triumphs, disappointments, and elations, having an extremely loving home base is what is most important to me.

What keeps you grounded?