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Do Your Part For An Eek-O-Friendly Halloween

There's nothing scary about incorporating a little green into your traditional black and orange Halloween. You can easily Do Your Part to reduce, reuse and recycle even while going all out to dress up, decorate, and dole out treats.


Costume Creations

Dressing up in costume is the most exciting part of Halloween and it doesn't have to involve buying something new. Renting costumes or making ones with items you already own is a greener alternative. You can also shop places like Goodwill or other second hand stores to find unique pieces of clothing or accessories that will bring your costume to life.   Holding neighborhood costume swaps are also fun and frugal options for children's Halloween costumes. 


Make-Up Madness

Getting dressed up for Halloween often times means putting on make-up fit for the most beautiful of princesses or the creepiest of monsters.  But, before you grab one of those popular Halloween make-up kits, check out what's really in it.  Some contain toxic ingredients like lead or mercury. Be sure to look for items labeled "non-toxic" or "Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics".


A Truly 'Great Pumpkin'

There's so much to do with a pumpkin besides carving it. The seeds alone pack a nutritional punch and they are easy to roast.  First soak them in water to get rid of any pulp.  Drain off the water and put the seeds in the microwave for two minutes, which will help make them crunchy - not chewy - later.  Spread the seeds on a baking sheet, coat lightly with cooking spray and then cover the seeds with salt or your favorite spice. Bake in a 250-degree oven for one hour turning the seeds every 15 minutes.  The end result is a crisp, healthy snack that your family will love.  You can also use the pulp from the pumpkin to treat your skin.  Puree in a blender or food processor to make an inexpensive and effective facemask.  It's full of Vitamin A, C, and Zinc, which are all good for your skin. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse. You can even include a few seeds in mixture before you puree for extra exfoliating. And here's one last pumpkin trick:  apply a little petroleum jelly to the carved areas of your jack-o-lantern to make it last even longer.


Treat the Planet

Most of us would like to give trick-or-treaters a better kind of treat but we aren’t sure what goodies to get.  If possible, seek out organic candies or fair trade chocolates that are easier on the planet.  You can also choose non-food items like coins, pencils and shaped erasers as green alternatives to traditional candy.


Do Something Different

If you're looking for alternatives to the traditional Halloween haunts then check out They've partnered with the Associations of Zoos and Aquariums to create Halloween events across the country that are filled with sustainable activities and treats.


This year go ahead and get downright eek-o-friendly and Do Your Part by adding some green to your Halloween routine.