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A Snake from the Lake?

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I’m not sure why I decided to turn the hall light on, but thank goodness I did…

Silly, our cat, was missing.  He wasn’t sleeping or stretched out in any of his usual places, so I decided to check the rooms above the garage.

I pulled the door open, flipped the switch and started to go up the stairs…and froze.  On the opposite side of the staircase, slowly slithering toward me, was a snake.  A big one.  Long enough to drape across the length of three steps as he made his descent.  Approximately four feet separated us before he stopped.  I did what any wife would do…I started yelling for my husband…

Naturally, about this time, Silly decided to grace us with his presence…  He proceeded to walk down my side of the stairs, oblivious to the great serpent stand-off.  I scooped him up, threw him behind me toward safety, all while staring down the unwelcome guest. 

“What do you want me to do?”

“Umm, get this creature out of my house?  How about a shovel?” I grew up around Lake Murray, so I had no qualms about beheading this thing...

John wanted to spare its life.  “I’ll open this door and the garage door and we’ll let him crawl out.”  As if the errant snake would sense freedom and the great outdoors and make a break for it...

Nope.  Instead, it lifted its head higher, examining me even more closely.  I moved left, it moved left; I moved right, so did he.

That was all it took.  I was done messing around.  “Where’s the shovel??!!!”

John jabbed at it, half shoveling, half cutting, at which point I grabbed it from him and finished the job.

I carried the pieces out the open doors and dumped them under the pear tree, chopping a few more times for good measure.  I planned to look at it closer in the morning light and determine what type it was: black, copperhead, cottonmouth, whatever...  In the dim hallway lighting, I wasn’t 100 % sure, but I thought it was a venomous one…  When we came back inside, Silly was sniffing the stair tread where the snake met his demise; he acted like he was going to lick the floor or roll around on the spot…  Gross.  I had to pick him up to get him away…

Since Brian’s accident, it seems our yard has become a wildlife refuge.  Maybe it has always been like this, and I never noticed…  We’ve had multiple deer trot up the driveway, shared our trees with families of owls, hawks, and songbirds of all kinds.  A lost turtle walked through the open garage one morning to visit with John; numerous rabbits have nested in the natural area and far too many squirrels have made their home here.  I’ve seen a variety of lizards indoors and out, including one who decided to pose on the shaft of John’s golf club, and we’ve fought back the usual unwanted assortment of insects.  But I draw the line at snakes moving indoors.  Period.  I don’t care if it’s good or bad; if it makes the mistake of coming inside my house and I see it, it’s a goner.

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I never figured out what kind of snake it was; the next morning, everything was gone.  Nor did I ever ascertain how it got in the house and up the stairs to begin with.  We brought a footstool home from the lake last weekend for the guest bedroom, so maybe it coiled up inside of it?  I don’t know; if so, that means it rode back to Charlotte beside Grace for two hours.  John thinks it came inside from our yard in search of water.  I really hope there isn’t another one lurking about…  I’ll be turning the light on, just in case…

Wishing you many blessings and always, hope…tg

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