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Coming Home

Sorry about the short blog, but I’m still in vacation mode.

My wife and I spent an extended weekend ALONE on vacation, our first EVER without our daughter since her birth.  It was great.  The first night we must have slept 14 hours- glorious uninterrupted sleep.  The kind of sleep where you can finally, after three years, let everything go and just sssssllllleeeeeeeeppppp. 

We visited Chattanooga, a place neither of us has been or even thought about going to, because their aquarium had a special exhibit that combined jelly fish and the glasswork of some of our favorite artists such as Dale Chihuly.  We fell in love with the Chattanooga waterfront- if you’ve never been I highly recommend that you visit. 

Now I’m back home, sorting through laundry and souvenirs, while trying to deprogram my daughter from three days worth of grandparent parenting versus mean-'ol-mommy-and-daddy parenting.  I'm pretty sure that right now my daughter is wondering why we even bothered coming back, and, well...  um....  I kind of am too! 

Yes, the vacation is definitely over.  For all of us.  :-)