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Baby's First Vacation!!!

We are going on vacation to Orlando the week of July 4th...yea!!! The great things are: 1. I desperately need a vacation and some R&R 2. It will be nice to be away with the hubby for our first anniversary. 

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The not-so-great things are: 1. I am not 10 1/2 weeks pregnant so won't be able to enjoy any of the roller coasters (I love riding coasters)!!! 2. We (me, my husband, and my teenage daughter) will be there with my mother, father, 2 sisters, brother, niece,  and nephew so I don't know how much R&R I'm really going to get...LOL! 3. It will probably be super crowded because it's a holiday.

We are going to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that opened this Spring so that should be kind of neat...

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As far as I know everything is going ok with the baby so far since my last appointment the first week of June. I don't get to go again until July 12th...boooooo!

I have been feeling weak, tired, nauseous...the usual...some women don't experience any of these symptoms, but I, however, have been having it rough the past few weeks. I have to force feed myself because I never feel like eating, I want to take a nap every two hours, and it at this point it almost feels like I have a little Roadrunner zooming around inside me...hahaha

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Well, I have to go now so take care until the next update!!!!