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Well, it turns out I was a little wrong.

Late last week I blogged about my week of extremes and about how I was going to recharge by pulling my family in closer.  Well, fortunately for me, my wife seems to know what I need more than I do. 

I come at you early this week fully recharged and refreshed, courtesy of a totally cool spouse who realized that maybe I’d enjoy a few hours off on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

And, I suppose this makes sense.   As I’ve become accustomed to the life of a stay at home parent I’ve learned that sometimes you really do need a break…  I’ve joked that the job of stay at home parent lacks a proper sick day policy, but, you know, it also lacks a proper vacation policy as well.

Now, obviously I appreciate that having a stay at home parent is in and of itself a luxury, please don’t misunderstand.  It’s also a pleasure to witness all of your child’s developmental milestones.  None of these things do I take for granted or would I give up for anything.

But, let’s face it- no matter what your job is, it’s nice to take a little break from time to time, even if it’s just for two hours on Sunday morning while you rediscover your love of air instrumentation (guitar, drums, keyboard, you name it and I play a mean air version of it).  Just those few hours of self discovery/escape from everyday life were enough to recharge me.

I ended last week with the question of what grounds you. 

My family still grounds me and keeps me sane.  The mutual and unthreatened understanding of what each others’ needs are is enough to prove that.

Perhaps the better question is what energizes you and keeps you going?  For me it is reading, writing, and music with a little air guitar, apparently.