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Help Ellie fight cancer

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No child should have to live with cancer.  An 8 year old should be able to run, jump and play.  She should be able to invite friends to her house for a sleepover and giggle while playing with her favorite dolls and whispering secrets to each other.

Unfortunately, Ellie and Grace Plotvin don’t have this luxury.  Ellie and her twin sister are in a fight for Ellie’s life as she battles Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma – a very rare childhood cancer. 

Ellie was diagnosed July 2, 2008 and life has been forever changed.  Only 3% of children in the United States have this type of rare pediatric cancer.  Out of the 350 children total diagnosed per year, only 175 children have a survival rate past 5 years.

Grace walks through this battle holding on to her sister's hand and to the hope that Ellie will get better.  Hope that the day will come when she is cured and is able to play, like every 8 year old should be able to.

Bella Tunno has joined hands with Ellie and Grace and created a reversible headscarf that debuts both of their personalities.  One side that represents each of the little girls.  Sharing their uniqueness and individuality. Ellie’s side is hot pink camo – wild and experimental.  Grace’s side is bright repeating stripes – pretty and conservative.

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With each purchase of these adorable headscarves, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Ellie Plotvin Fund.  We hope this will not only bring awareness to this rare form of cancer, but also aid this family in paying for costly medical treatments.  Bella Tunno wants everyone to have the opportunity to help this special family.

Buying and wearing this headscarf will quite literally play a role in changing a life.  Helping HOPE to live.  Allowing Ellie and Grace to move on step closer to being the eight year olds that they should be allowed to be.

Will you join us in lifting up Ellie, today?

*To purchase a headscarf, please visit

*To learn more about Ellie Plotvin and her fight with cancer:

Twitter:  @liftupellie and @amypotvin