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It's Easy To "Green" Your Holiday Parties

With the holidays fast approaching, many of you are in party planning mode. From large family Thanksgiving dinners to throwing a big New Years bash,  Do Your Part to create less waste and conserve natural resources by using  eco-friendly party supplies.  There are several options that won’t bust your budget. 

Renting Is Reasonable

It doesn’t matter how many are on your invitation list, renting your supplies really can be a green and economical way to entertain. You can rent linens, table settings, glassware, food servers, vases, and so much more.  If you actually bought all these items, it could cost you hundreds of dollars. You can rent just a few pieces or the entire set-up for your party.

Renting is also convenient.  Rental companies can deliver to your door and pick up after the party and many times you don't even need to wash the dishes before you send them back.

Plus when you rent your party supplies you’ll be doing your part to create less trash. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans create 25 percent more trash than usual between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  That adds up to an additional one million tons of trash!

Renewable Resources Rock

If renting isn’t an option there are many other eco-friendly choices. The real key here is to avoid disposable plastic products because plastic is made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource.  These disposable products are also generally made using #6 and #7 plastics that are not widely accepted in recycling programs so they pile up in our landfills with little hope of every breaking down. It’s smarter to choose non-coated paper plates and napkins made from recycled paper. You can also find plates, cutlery and cups made from other renewable resources like bamboo, sugarcane, and corn or potato starch that are sure to be great conversation starters.

Reusable Wins

The most eco-friendly way to entertain is to borrow what you need from friends and neighbors (assuming you like their taste).  You can also find great deals at thrift and consignment shops. Don’t worry if the tableware doesn’t match, your guests are sure to notice and admire that you are doing your part to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Whatever you choose this holiday - shop smart! Then celebrate that you are entertaining with items that are made from recycled or renewable resources and that your party won’t be adding to that million tons of extra trash this season.

Terri  Bennett is an Earth Scientist and mom;


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