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Sources For Coupons That Save More Than Money

Who isn’t looking for ways to save some money these days?  Being frugal - is definitely in these days and clipping coupons is certainly one way to save.  It's easy to Do Your Part to conserve energy and create less pollution even when you're clipping coupons.

The biggest place to save with coupons is at the grocery store.  One of my favorites places to find coupons is They do the hard work for you so it's easy to get the week's best coupons on everything from diapers to Dr. Pepper.  Just click on the coupons you want and print! There are dozens of similar sites out there too like, and

Here's where doing your part comes in:  Print coupons on the flip side of paper you've already used.  And if you want to be even 'greener' print on paper produced from recycled content.  Producing paper from recycled content takes less energy and creates less pollution.

Another eco-friendly option:  use your cell phone to dial up a great deal. is the place to get started.  The site is simple to navigate and in no time, you'll have digital coupons from all kinds of stores that you can use right from your phone.

The number one source of coupons for most Americans is still the newspaper.  So clip away the coupons you want and toss the rest of the newspaper in the recycling bin when you're done.  In Mecklenburg County, newspaper that we put into our recycling bins is turned into cellulose insulation the very same day.  The process takes place right at the recycling facility.  The insulation is sold under the ‘Green Fiber’ brand and can be found at most home improvement stores.

It’s easy to Do Your Part, even as you hunt for those unbeatable bargains!

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