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Bag junkies beware!

I’m not personally a bag junkie. I can definitely appreciate a pretty purse when I see one, but I’m more of a “one bag for everything” type of gal … which is why I’m in love with my “bundle” from the buti-bag co.the bundle


This roll-up is perfect for my budding baby (she’s already 7 months!). It’s got 4 compartments in the inside – one plastic-coated area that zips, two “open” pockets – one with Velcro and one without – and 3 mini compartments in one large area, perfect for little items, that all Velcro close.  It’s hard to believe you can get so many spaces in one! 


Right now I’m using it for my kids. I use it to hold wipes, baby spoons, a jar of food and a bib – and who could forget the ever-essential crayons for my older kids. But I also plan to empty it and use it for myself for an upcoming trip; surely I can get my toiletries in all of these nifty little pockets!


The coolest thing is that it rolls up together, minimizing it’s size. It has a handle with clips on both sides so you can clip it to your stroller, another handbag, or just about wherever.  Got a bigger diaper bag? Toss the bundle right into it.


I almost forgot that it’s cute. The designer is a local Charlottean so you’ll find fun fabrics named after familiar places (I have the Chantilly Green and Black).

Chantilly Green and Black-  
Find the bundle locally at Belly Elan, 3 Hip Chicks (in Belmont) or Lollipop Décor in Davidson – or log on to to see more.