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Issues With a Co-Worker

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen.  I’ve heard about it happening to other relationships, other workplaces, and other families.  Perhaps it was hubris on my part to think I was beyond having it happen. 

What started as a care-free and easy relationship has turned suddenly, almost literally overnight, into a frustrating spiral.  I’m actually finding a little freedom, a cathartic release, in this public announcement that my co-worker here has become practically intolerable and is driving me nuts.

Let me explain. 

I already feel that I do the lion’s share of the work around here.  When something needs to be done, nine out of ten times I’m the one jumping up to do it.  If a buzzer goes off, I hop up.  If the phone rings, I answer it.  Does this fact seem to bother my co-worker?  Absolutely not.  In fact, she appears to enjoy not only watching me do the work, but also enjoys telling me what to do.  I mean-  last time I checked she hadn’t gotten a promotion or anything.  But boy, she sure feels fine telling me things like, “this is dirty- you need to wash it”, and “you need to sit right here”.

At first I thought that maybe she’d just kind of forgotten that we each have our own jobs and that we could work best together to meet our goals.  But my co-worker’s behavior has become more and more bizarre and outlandish.  Yesterday, after telling me to “get her lunch ready”, she refused to eat unless completely naked.  That’s really not normal behavior.  

This person has also said some pretty hurtful and mean things the last couple of days.  Some may even be considered threats.  She told me that she “wishes [I] was Play-doh so she could smoosh me up”, she openly wondered to me “what would happen if I pulled your head off???....   How could you put it back on?”, and even has had moments of unintelligible screaming and crying rants.  Yes, you could say she puts the “demon” in “demonstrates unpleasant behavior”, that’s for sure.

In response I think I am going to start instituting some changes around here.  I can no longer be a co-worker with a person who is two and a half years old.  If she wants to act like a child, then I suppose I am going to have to act like a parent. 

Umm….  any advice?  


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