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I got Miley tickets -- and I'm scared to death

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I got a front row ticket to the Miley Cyrus concert in November, and I'm scared to death!

I'm no big fan of crowds in the first place, and the thought of being seated in between screeching, squealing, screaming "tweens" at 30-something terrifies me!

See, my story begins when I first learned about Miley coming to town.  Our 7-year-old daughter is a HUGE fan of hers! Got to be to honest, my husband and I think she's pretty cool too, so we were thrilled to be able to purchase tickets for her.  Only thing is, I'm nervous in big crowds so my husband volunteered to take our daughter as sort of a "Daddy Day" outing.  I joyfully logged onto the computer at 10 AM the morning the tickets went on sell and followed the computer prompts as quickly as I could to get 2 of the best possible seats.  

They were respectable seats (although in the back) on the floor, but somehow I missed the fine print: These are "paperless tickets".  That means you don't get a physical ticket.  You have to swipe the credit card you purchased the tickets with and show ID at the gate to get in. (The whole concept is to keep folks from trying to scalp tickets.)  

What a smart idea -- unless you're like me and make mistakes from time to time.  Since I used my credit card, that means I'm the one who has to show up with my ID and card.

I realized I made a mistake so, being that we live a good distance away, I thought I would just do my best and go with them.  I quickly logged into the site again and purchased 1 more ticket.  Wouldn't ya know, because I only needed 1 ticket that I would end up in the front row! :)

I thought it was hysterical at first and then reality set in.  I will be seated in between a sea of screaming tweens, left up there alone to protect myself and the love of my hearing.

I could trade the ticket with my husband, but I'm afraid he might feel even more awkward than me and/or "eyeballed" the whole time for being a 30-something-year-old man sitting in the front row alone at a Miley Cyrus concert.  It would be hilarious to me but maybe a little creepy to others, including possibly Miley herself.  :)

We certainly can't leave our 7-year-old daughter alone in the front row, with us sitting 30-40 rows back.  I tried to call TicketMaster and the arena the next day to see if I could somehow trade my ticket with someone sitting closer to my husband and daughter but was told nothing could be done.  

Moral of the story: Read the fine print when it comes to purchasing paperless tickets.  It's a great, new concept but they can be difficult to work with if you make a mistake when purchasing them.  Like Hannah Montana says, nobody's perfect! Not even well-intentioned moms! :)