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2009 Retrospective (Part 2)

Well, I got the tree down, did a little pre-New Year organizing, and all I have left to do in 2009 is complete my retrospective.  Part one of the year-end review can be found over here.

We round out this little retrospective with:

July 2009

Our government became more than just a hole for money, it also charted new constitutional waters to become an automobile manufacturer.  Speaking of difficult working conditions, I had a little conflict with a coworker.


August 2009

I got the Big V.  I have no idea what happened in the rest of the world because I was sitting around on a bag of peas and taking delicate steps.


September 2009

Folks get riled up because the President of the United States dares to send a positive message to school kids.  My child starts school, and apparently misses Obama’s message about how great it is because she absolutely hates it.  Rude interruptions are the "in" thing as both “you lie!!” and “Imma let you finish” become the phrases du jour.   ACORN gives out a little too much tax advice.


October 2009

Chicago is denied the 2016 Summer Olympics, but Obama receives the Nobel Peace Prize as a nice parting gift.  I have to reprogram my daughter after my first kid-free vacation.  Oh, and how could I forget about the day nature attacked.


November 2009

Sports were big in November.  The New York Yankees win the Super Bowl*, which inspires Meredith and me to new poetic levels.  At the end of the month Tiger Woods hikes the Appalachian Trail.  Art is appreciated and I mention turkey poop for the first time in a written format.

December 2009

In an effort to save the environment everybody who is anybody walks/bikes/uses solar power to convene in Copenhagen.  As is the norm for the season we found ourselves inundated with different gift guides and a nog driven pontification on seasonal decorations. 


So here’s to 2009 and best wishes for 2010.  I sincerely hope that you and your families find it to be the best year ever.  Remember that things are what you make of them.

*Yes, I know it wasn't the Super Bowl.  It just feels like the World Series took until nine months to play