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Cookies that take the cake

Packing your little one's lunch?  Or want a special first-week teacher gift? Then you won't want to miss out on these  adorable, edible cookies!

One Tough Cookie ( is actually based in the Big Apple. Owner Gail Dosik was a former fashion industry professional ... but at age 50, she decided to make a life change.  A self-proclaimed sweet-aholic, Gail went took her passion for fashion and began looking into cooking. The French Culinary Institute would teach her the ropes, and she'd later get her bake on with notable bakers in the big city. Though her treats are worth every calorie, one look at them and you'd think she was an art professional. Truth be told, she's had not one art class in her life. Bumblebees, butterflies, log cabins and guitars are only the beginning of her confectionary creations. Check out her site for examples of cookies dressing up a cake and offering the best of both worlds. If you can imagine it, she can create a cookie in the shape of it.

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I had these school-themed cookies shipped directly to me here in Charlotte and treated my first-grader to a first-day lunch surprise and sent a little gift for our new teacher. One taste (for each) and I'm sure I've secured starting this year on the right foot!!