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Pine Mouth


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I have recently become intimately acquainted with a recent development in the food realm.   Now, don’t worry, I’m not about to pass on the latest uses for tofu or tempeh.  I also don’t intend to step on the toes of our own food blogger.  No.  I’m talking about something else entirely.  Pine mouth.

That’s right.  Pine mouth.

I first heard of this condition last summer when a Facebook friend posted a status that her entire family was suffering from it after eating the pesto they'd made.  I’d never heard of it, so I started searching for answers.

From what I can tell, pine mouth is a condition that occurs in certain people after they consume even a small amount of pine nuts.  Some state that this only occurs in certain folks after eating pine nuts from China (but that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case).  It appears that after two days or so of the consumption of the food, folks who are (maybe?) genetically predisposed are noticing a bitter, metallic taste in their mouths. 

The effects are more apparent when eating, and especially noticeable on the aftertaste of something sweet.   This condition is reported to sometimes last for up to two weeks and here’s the kicker, no one knows why it happens or how to help if you have it.

I consumed my pine nuts on Saturday night and again Monday afternoon.  I woke up today (Wednesday) with a kind of rancid taste in my mouth.   And it’s gone downhill from there.  My coffee tastes horrible, my pineapple even worse.  Sweet tea tastes like aspirin, bread tastes dirty.  I really think if someone can figure out what the heck is going on an interesting diet pill could be crafted from this stuff.

So far no one has stumbled upon a “cure” for this.  Did I mention that it can last upwards of two weeks?  I’m going crazy here.   I’m not one to give much faith to home remedies found on the internet, but I don’t think I have much to lose, so I’m trying everything.  So far I’ve gargled with flax seed oil (I actually wretched when doing this… I guess I DID have something to lose, haha!).  Didn’t work. 

I’m currently trying remedy #2, spicy food.  I’ve been popping pepperonchini like candy for the last 30 minutes, and now that the burning is subsiding I can tell that the disgusting aftertaste is coming back just as strongly as before. 

Anyone else experienced this?  


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