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The countdown is on, ladies ... it's almost time for those three famous (and quite often favored) words: Back to School. Time to get pencils, notebooks, crayons and erasers. But before you go out and buy they typical Hannah Montana lunchbox, I want to introduce you to an innovate new way of sending food with your little ones.  Laptop Lunches are based on the bento box, which is a Japanese style of serving/eating. Creators (and moms) Tammy Pelstring and Amy Hemmert designed an American-style bento box that allows you to send nutritious lunches in a reusable, recyclable and dishwasher-safe way.

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My Laptop Lunchbox was initially tricky to open - but once I figured it out, it was a snap. Within it was four compartments - one "main" box for the main course, a slightly smaller one with a top that has veggie images on it, a smaller one yet with fruit images on the top, and one more open box with a tiny box with a  lid on it. The boxes are all different colors, and all fit together nicely like a puzzle. The box had a tad bit more room to the right, where a stainless fork and spoon lay - nice. 
What I like is that we no longer have to use plastic baggies or saran wrap; I also like that it promotes healthy eating and balance. The images atop of the boxes excite the kids into wondering just what veggies or fruits will be within; the variety of boxes promotes healthy portion sizes and just that - variety. And, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to loving the utensils (no more having to search for the plastic ones to pack) and the teeny box with a top - perfect for some dip to go with the carrots and cucumbers! It all stashes nicely into my daughter's lunchbox where an icepack (I use the ones I got from the hospital when we had our last baby) keeps it cool.  Did I mention it also comes with a 94-page book geared to healthy eating? 
View their whole product line for yourself by visiting When it comes time for school lunches, bag the brown bag idea - this time it's in the box. 

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