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In honor of spring I am growing new poetic flowers for you here- leaving my bare bones haiku exploration in winter and branching out into new poetic territory.  Or something.


You Bees Can Keep It

That yellowish haze must be following me

As it blows from the mountains and out to the sea

Its grains make me sneeze

And while appealing to bees,

I’d just as soon forget it’s the sperm from a tree


  Open Letter to the Two Women I Saw Today Wearing Twilight T-Shirts

Vampire novels are appealing to many, ‘tis true

Twilight, Dracula, and True Blood, just to name a few

But grown women clearly of means

Walking around in clothes clearly for teens-

Oh girls, those shirts just don’t suit you.


Open Letter to the Man Waiting For My Parking Space at Trader Joe's

My hands are full as you can plainly see

I’ve got loads of groceries and a toddler with me

So sit there and glare

Because I really don’t care

In fact, now I’m going to do this slower-  heehee!