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Election Night

I’m not really a sporty guy.  I don’t watch football or basketball.  I’d rather watch paint dry than watch baseball.  Scores and stats are meaningless and useless to me.

But on election night I turn into a maniac comparable to my dear mother-in-law watching her beloved Yankees play.  (Something, I promise, you’d have to see to believe)

Last night I sat at this computer watching the Observer’s live feed (nice moderation there, JenR), while refreshing the Mecklenburg County BOE page in another tab AND watching the CNN coverage on another. 

I groaned in agony and swore as my least favorite candidates won.  I fist pumped the air when my preferred candidates won.  I felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  I threatened to move out of the country if “so-and-so” wins.  It’s ridiculous, I know.

Sadly, much like feeling passionate about some silly sporting event, election night is really not such a big deal.  Sometimes your guy wins.  Sometimes your guy loses.  Life goes on, there are other elections, there is life to live and enjoy regardless of the results. 

Until November 2012, at least.


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