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Happy Birthday to Me

So, today is my birthday.

I’ve woken to my favorite kind of weather (really…  cool and rainy goes great with fresh warm coffee), some lovely handmade cards, and more gifts than I really deserve.

My four year old had her birthday in September, so the excitement of that day is still kind of in her mind, but she told me this morning about how she doesn’t want to get older.  It turns out, though, it’s not so much getting older as it is she doesn’t want to have adult birthdays.  

I asked her why and she explained.  I have to agree she might be on to something.

Reasons I don’t want to get older, by my daughter:

  1. Adults don’t get to have bounce houses at their parties.  They would complain that it makes their backs hurt
  2. Adults talk about boring things at their birthday parties
  3. Adults say they don’t want to eat too much cake at their parties but I love cake
  4. Adults have to drink beard (translation: “beer”) at their parties and that’s yucky 

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