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November, 2009

This winding road is strewn with casualties of the darkness…  The promise of a shorter, kinder pathway through the valley of shadows and sorrow tempts at every turn, but the side roads are filled with pitfalls and stumbling blocks, ultimately leading nowhere.  It is a difficult and lonely walk…

A few months ago, I resolved to change my priorities to make room for whatever was to come; I had the best of intentions, but lacked the willpower to stand firm and hold the line with work, tennis, you name it.  I’ve been stretched and pulled and worn down, trying to satisfy the demands of too many.  It was easier to maintain the status quo and squeeze in a little more than to let something go…until now.  

“But lifting a person’s heart, now that matters.  The whole problem with people is…  The problem is they know what matters, but they don’t choose it…the hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters.”  The Secret Life of Bees

When I read this last week, it forced me to stop and think about what I’m doing…

I don’t know where I’m heading on this journey (nothing new); I only know certain things have to change in order for me to get there.

What if everything that’s happened in my entire life was meant to bring me to this particular place and then I fail to do what matters?

Lord, please show me the way of Your heart and how to do what I should…

Wishing you sunshine and always, hope…tg

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