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It's a Wrap

Here at the McP household we have discovered something that has brought our daughter endless joy, fun, and comfort.  I, of course, have to share.

Now, a lot of times you’ll read product reviews by bloggers who have received an item as a gift or some other form of compensation.  To clear the air I’ll go ahead and swear that nobody pays me to write this junk.  Shocking, I know.  Now, back to this unsponsored product review.

Since receiving this item in the mail my daughter has not been able to put it down.  She even brings it along with us in the car when we leave for school.  It is buckled into her car seat when she leaves for school, and is quickly picked up when school is over.

If I allowed I’m pretty sure she’d sleep with this thing.

While this item is packaged with other toys, thus increasing the expense, I would imagine that you could find it at your local office supply store for cheaper.

Yes.  Bubble wrap is our new friend. 

I don’t think any of us can remember what delicate item my mother shipped to us and was thoughtful enough to wrap in this fabulous substance, but this same sheet of bubble wrap has been hanging around for several weeks now.  All of the bubbles have been popped, but that somehow has not lessened the fun.

I know what Santa is going to be stuffing a certain someone’s stocking with this holiday season.  Lots of expensive electronic things for me packaged in the most exquisite bubble wrap money can buy.  



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