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Still Numb

Just got back from my dentist’s office (Kalons & Glidewell uptown- excellent dentists if you’re looking for one) where I had an old filling replaced.  The bottom left quadrant of my face and entire left side of my tongue are totally numb.

Even though it’s lunchtime, eating is ill advised lest I have to give up my vegetarian diet from chewing on my own tongue.  Instead I’m going to list out some of the things you could do when still numb from dental work.

  • Kiss your spouse
  • Call the DMV and ask if “Elizabeth” is there
  • Floss (note- DO NOT try if you are taking blood thinners)
  • Gargle
  • Say “lemon liniment” three times fast
  • Suck on a lollipop
  • Blow bubbles with a four year old
  • Write a dumb blog post

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