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Any book, any time. By Franklin.

What child doesn't love to be read to? I know mine beg for books every day, a great "problem" to have. They love to hear our voices, the stories and to see the pictures. Anyone else who values their child being read to will want to read on.

Franklin has created this super savvy gadget called "AnyBook". It's a handheld device that's actually an electronic reader. Now here's the kicker: you can record YOUR voice reading YOUR books of choice. What a novel idea! This is just the thing for parents who have to travel, for grandparents who live far away or for relatives you want to be able to read to. 

The AnyBook Reader is super simple to use: it comes with stickers which signify the books. You simply stick a sticker on the page of choice (they are easy to remove and won't ruin your book) and then activate the "touch" button, read and record. When your child goes to use it, they simply touch the reader to the sticker to start hearing YOUR (or grandpa's, or Aunt Suzies, or whomever's) voice. Package this up with a couple of books, and this is a guaranteed great gift for the holidays!

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I tried it out on a few books for my 4 year-old who was absolutely amazed. The independence she utilized was fantastic to watch; she loved that she and I were "reading" the book together. But this time she wasn't just looking at the pictures on the pages - she was interacting with the book, a major step in learning to read.

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The AnyBook Reader can record up to 60 hours of reading and is packaged with 400 stickers that are removable and reusable. You can order this impressive piece of technology by visiting; visit to find out more.