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What's your position on cord blood banking?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Cord Blood Banking (CBB); more than what is being advertised on the web or anyone who has decided to purchase this service. When I found out I was pregnant and started signing up for freebies, etc. and going to the doctor I was flooded with e-mails, phone calls, and postal mail about banking my unborn child’s cord blood.

So I started to research it and found. In most of the disclaimers it clearly says that the odds that a family without a defined risk will need to use their child's umbilical cord blood are low and that there is no guarantee that the umbilical cord blood will be a match for a family member or will provide a cure.

 Then some guy from a CBB company called me and quoted me an astronomical number around $2,500 to do it and said it had to be paid BEFORE the baby was born. How many parents saving up for a child have money for something like this? Certainly not me!

It almost seems like a scam they way it’s being advertised and thrown in everyone’s faces (well moms to be) and the pricing is outrageous for something I will probably never need to use.

Thoughts everyone?