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Shoes...any recommendations for some comfy shoes?


Can anyone advise of some comfortable shoes I can wear in my last trimester?

I have horrible varicose veins and it has gotten to the point that I now have to go and get medical support hose to wear because it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable to walk and stand.

At least it's Fall/Winter and I won't be wearing any skirts so wearing the hose won't bee too bad.

On that note, I only have high heels, tennis shoes, boots with heals, and flip flops and was wondering if anyone could recommend any comfortable and halfway fashionable shoes I can wear to work.

Some of my co-workers have suggested I wear a pair of flat shoes into work and then put some slippers under my desk to wear for when I'm not walking around. I thought that was a good idea, but again I have no idea what kind of flat shoes anyone is talking about.

I am looking for something comfortable, fashionable, and supportive.

Any suggestions or personal recommendations? Thanks!