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How do you feel about VBAC?


I was wondering how people in general felt about VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)?

My first OB only spoke of a Cesarean Section's and said that VBAC was pretty much off limits. My new OB has said that if I want to try VBAC then that would be fine but if the baby was too big or didn't descend then they would take it by cesarean anyway.

I guess I could see not doing VBAC if I had just had a child a couple of years ago via cesarean. However, it has been over 15 years for me and my body has had plenty of time to heal so I don't think there would be any issues.

The only concerns I have about VBAC at this point would be my age difference and the things that go along with that. Having a child at 19 and bouncing right back vs. having one at 34 is a huge difference to me. I am concerned that I am not in that great of shape to perform a vaginal birth. I do not really exercise (besides occasional walking) so I am probably not in the best of shape and I have an older body.

There are lots of articles out about how vaginal births are easier because you experience less down time, etc... Most of the reading also talks about the fact that you have to be in great shape and do a lot of kegel exercises so you are strong enough to make it through labor and well prepared.

I was wondering if anyone has been through this and what it was like for them?