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Make no mistake: this game is a wonder!

Holiday season is approaching quickly. Christmas carols are being played on the airwaves and Santa has even arrived at the mall! So my item of the week couldn't be more perfect for the holidays: The Blunders Game is a board game for 5 - 10 year-olds, but don't think for a minute that this is any ordinary board game ... there actually is a purpose. And this game won't have you watching the clock.

Local (Davidson) mom once spent time climbing the corporate ladder as a training and development professional, but after having her second child, she decided to stay home with her two little ones. "While spending a lot of time with young children in and around my neighborhood, I began to observe how, just as with adults, those children who had nice manners were the ones who got ahead,'" says Aimee Symington. But teaching manners to kids is never easy - anyone who's a parent can attest to this. Filling a niche that was currently unfilled but so greatly needed, Symington created the family-favorite Blunders™ game which is gaining popularity everyday.

Blunders is not only a "game", it's a creative, fun way to connect with your family members and to teach them about life situations and how to handle them. Six interactive questions are given in c harade, multiple choice, true/false, scenario, reward, and consequence formats and deal with social and dining etiquette. After a roll of the dice, players are presented with questions that relate to everyday occurrences, presenting opportunities for discussions and (shhhh!) lessons on how best to handle situations.    

Each day kids are faced with situations where good behavior is desired - but the holidays present even more situations to fear. Not wanting to sit with great-grandma, not liking the food served at Thanksgiving dinner or not preferring a present given to them (and letting everyone know it) all fall in the greatest fears of parents. Instead of harping on your little ones on "the way to act", let them play it out with this creative, educational game. The lessons within are invaluable.

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Retailing for $24.95*, this game is worth way more in the life-long lessons to be taught and the hours of fun you'll have along the way. My family enjoyed it so much that I've actually decided to give it as a teacher's gift so that others can join in the fun! Find it locally at Bedford Falls Toys & Books, Brilliant Sky, Learning Express, Toys & Co. and more; find a complete list of stores and more info on this product at

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