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Dinner Gripe

“That’s melba toast”

“Would you like some melba toast?”

“Yeah!  That’s called melba toast”

“Isn’t the melba toast crunchy?”

“Oh!  You like the melba toast?”

“No, you can’t have any more melba toast”

This is a loud conversation (imagine it spoken in a New York accent) I overheard over dinner the other night.  It was a guy and his kid waiting for mom to come.  The guy entertained the kid (maybe 3 year old) by- you guessed it- sampling crackers.  Err---  I mean melba toast.

Since then, I’ve added “folks who loudly and repeatedly say oddly specific phrases over and over” to my list of things that annoy me while dining. 

But I’ll tell you one that bugs me even more.  When your server acts as if a) you are really in the way of them enjoying themselves or b) greets you by telling you that they’ve had a really rough day and can’t wait to go home.

While you can’t control the guy repeatedly saying “melba toast”, a restaurant visit is still a luxury expense and I believe the experience shouldn’t involve you feeling like you may upset your service provider by merely being there.   I mean, it’s not like we leave melba toast wrappers all over the place.


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