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Carrie Has Had Kind of a Crazy Day

As I write this Thanksgiving is over and many folks are wearing themselves out fighting crowds at some crazy Black Friday/Saturday shopping event.  

Well, tonight our daughter asked us if we wanted to hear about her doll’s condition because she "has had kind of a crazy day".  I hope your shopping days haven't been as crazy as what I just heard. 

Here is how my daughter’s doll, Carrie, is doing today (note, this is best read in only one or two breaths for full effect):

“Well, Carrie has had kind of a crazy day.  Her burps are as spicy as salsa and as sour as lemons.  She drank one hundred milks and now has milk in her lungs.  Her tooth is loose.  She has a cold because yesterday I caught her picking her nose and then she wouldn’t stop.

“She was running around the house like she’s crazy and ran into something and now her nose is bleeding, too.  Her ears are stopped up and there is no way to clean them.  Everyone, even the store, is out of Q-tips so if you wanted to try even that you couldn’t.  She has a crib that reaches up to the sky but somehow she got out and ran to the Loco Lime.  She didn’t hold hands or anything so she was run over by a car.  When she got to Loco Lime she tiptoed into the kitchen and onto the counter and ate two cakes and now her belly hurts.

“Today is Carrie’s birthday, too”

I'm sure Carrie is glad we didn't think to get her a birthday cake in addition to the ones she stole from The Loco Lime- I'd imagine the candles could ruin an already crazy day.  


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