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Should you co-sleep with your baby?

Hello all,

I have reading a lot about co-sleeping with baby's lately and was wondering not whether you SHOULD but whether anyone actually DOES. I know this was a topic asked about back in June of this year so some of you may have already offered your opinions.

It seems that there are all of these gadgets out to promote co-sleeping with your baby, which makes me wonder why so many people are against it. Is this just a marketing ploy to sell more baby items or can it actually and successfully work?

I remember sleeping with my 15 year old for at least the first few months because I was so scared she would stop breathing in the middle of the night and die from SIDS. I never rolled over on her and nothing bad every happened obviously but I just didn't;t trust a baby monitor to let me hear that she was actually save.

Now that have a husband and a king size bed I am rethinking the whole co-sleeping thing because there are more factors involved and just thinking about buying a bassinet and keeping the baby in our bedroom with us instead of the nursery for the first few months.

Thoughts and advice?