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Baby Naming Contest!!!

Hello fello Charlotte moms!!!

I am running a baby naming contest over the next staring today through December 15th.

The winner will receive a $25 gift card to a retailer of their choice (or a general Visa gift card).

The rules are pretty simple...submit your baby girl names by replying to this blog not later than Wednesday December 15, 2010.

We have already picked out the middle name so the name will be ___________ Ann Shavers. When submitting your entries please think of names that go with the middle and last name and also initials (I don't want them to spell out anything silly like GAS). I am also open to more than one middle name so please be creative!!!

I will review the submitted entries with my husband and "IF" we choose any of the entries the winner will be announced by Friday, December 17. That way I can get the winners contact information over the weekend and have their prize mailed out by Monday, December 20 (so hopefully it will arrive in time for the Christmas holiday.

If my husband and I do not like any of the entries submitted then unfortunately there will be no winner.

Good luck everyone!!!!