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P.S. Rock Tumbler

This is going to be a short one because I've already written about this once here.  But as all of my Facebook friends have started decorating their houses I guess we're now in the holiday season (in my book you have to wait until AT LEAST December 1st-  why am I friends with these early decorators??) and as such you might be looking for a gift idea. 

As I've written before, a rock tumbler can teach a kid about rocks, minerals, and patience.  I recently discovered that it can make something interesting out of glass as well.  So...  as kind of a post script to the aforementioned blog located here, I add the following about "beach glass".

Your rock tumbler can make a kind of neat frosted glass out of your child's beer, wine, and Perrier bottles (I know, I know, only a jerk has Perrier bottles sitting around and you'd never raise a Perrier drinking kid, but some folks will amaze you (I even lost a friend over a Perrier bottle) and I have to include them here).

First, make sure a responsible adult wears safety goggles from 1965

blog post photo

and breaks the bottles a safe distance from kids, pets, and anyone else who may walk around barefoot.  Then put the glass in your rock tumbler and voila... beach glass/sea glass/whatever you call it comes out a couple of days later.

I guarantee that the kid or curious adult on your gift list will find this transformation interesting.  The glass in this picture came from a Perrier bottle, broken purple Pyrex dish found on the side of the road, and a clear wine bottle. 

blog post photo