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Awesome Update

Maybe a month ago I started an ongoing project listing things that I consider awesome.   I got kind of sidetracked because I’m not really around that many awesome things.  But I’ve made note, gentle reader, of the times that I have crossed paths with awesomeness and here are some more.

Awesome Thing #15 – Dogs.

You may be an absolutely sorry human being.  You may hate babies, kittens, and your own parents.  You may not use turn signals, you might write out of state checks at the grocery, and you might even pop your gum while you incessantly chew it.  But a dog doesn’t care.  They just want a little loving and maybe a little something to eat.  And that makes them huge suckers.  And also decidedly awesome.  If anyone should appreciate this its you.  Especially you.


Awesome Thing #16 – Leaving the Gym

I know most of us don’t go to the gym as often as we should.  But if you’ve bothered to work out even once you know what I’m talking about.  Your muscles are tired… you’ll probably be a little sore tomorrow.  You really couldn’t jog/swim/pedal/whatever another minute… you’re totally beat.   Knowing that you can pass up exercising tomorrow because you just completed a full workout a few minutes ago?  Awesome.

Awesome Thing #17 – Leaves

We take them for granted.  Even get a little tired of gathering them up this time of year.  But think about them for a minute.  Trees can be HUGE.  And do you know what they eat?  Energy made by leaves.  Every day leaves convert sunlight to biologically usable energy. Other energy sources we use have some terrible byproducts;  all manner of carbon compounds, carbon dioxide, even poop is a byproduct of our existence.  But think about a leaf.  Its byproduct?  Oxygen.  Pretty.  AND awesome.