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Hot outside? Cool movies await


Summer is sizzling and we’re sweltering, so nothing beats an afternoon in an air-conditioned movie theater!

So check out the Weekday Movies special offer, available on new releases at great prices at the AMC Carolina Pavilion 22, AMC Concord Mills 24 and AMC Northlake 14. And, get this: You can see movies for as little as $5 before 6 p.m. and starting at $7.50 after 6 in the evening. So take your kids, take their friends, or take your friends and see summer hits like "Cars 2," "Larry Crowne," and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" without breaking your budget.

Weekday Movies pricing is good throughout the year. Moviegoers can see films in premium formats such as IMAX, ETX or 3D for the special price plus the normal premium experience surcharge, and admission prices may vary for AMC dine-in theaters. Movies must play for one weekend before the special pricing goes into effect, and holiday periods are excluded (such as Labor Day, Sept. 5). For more information, visit