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Get a plum of a deal


Colleen Hinsberg, the local coordinator for Plum District, the new mom-focused deals site in Charlotte, tells us about her new role. As the regional manager for Charlotte, she focuses on signing up new subscribers and hiring a team of people to go out and find mom-focused deals.

Q. When did Plum District launch in Charlotte? What areas are you focusing on?

We launched with local deals here in Charlotte on Sept. 14. We have a team of moms in place who are going to all of their favorite places and finding deals that make sense for moms. It could be deals that moms do with kids and family or "me time" deals which focus on relaxing, exercise or spending time with your husband or friends.

Q. How many subscribers do you have so far?

We have over 6,800 subscribers in Charlotte. The growth since we launched our local deals has been fantastic. We are very strategic in how we grow our subscriber base-we partner with PTAs, sports organizations and nonprofits to get the message about Plum District out to moms. Right now we have a great referral program going on. Each new subscriber gets $10 towards their first deal ,and the person referring them gets $5. A win-win on both sides!

Q. What makes Plum District different than other sale websites?

There are two things that make us different. One - the way we build our subscriber base of moms. The partnerships that we form with PTAs, kids organizations and nonprofits really get us involved in the community. Moms control 86 percent of family spending, and we want to make sure that we are putting together great deals, that are close to home and relevant to them. Two - our deals. We roll out in districts, so that our offers are close to home for the moms that are seeing them. The district consultants are focused on showcasing their favorite places and products. We will often have deals that you don't see elsewhere because we introduce the hidden gems that moms love.

Q. How does a Plum District sale work?

We offer deals that give at minimum a 50 percent discount to moms. You bring a voucher into the business and get your discount. We also provide solutions like punch cards and gift cards so it doesn't just have to be a $10 for $20 type of deal.

Q. Are you looking for any employees?

We are. Like I mentioned, we launch in districts. So I am always looking for moms who are experts in "their" part of town. The district consultant role is an outside sales position with tons of flexibility. Our goal is to give moms the opportunity to make great money while maintaining their family lifestyle. You don't have to miss a practice or an event - but while the kids are at school you can create deals to introduce to moms and have a blast doing it!

Q. What has been your favorite sale so far?

I have been really happy with all of the deals, so relevant to all ages of kids - MyGym, ACT/SAT prep classes, kids mani/pedi. On the mom side, Earth Fare, fitness classes, photography for Christmas photos, manicures. I can see the calendar two to three weeks out, and there isn't a deal on there that isn't unique and different. That makes me proud. My favorite was the design your own denim skirt. I have two daughters, and the creative process of putting together a skirt that was all their own was so fun!

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