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Who's doing the Halloween buybacks?


That's right. If you don't want your kids to keep their Halloween candy, you can trade it in at several places this week.

At Earth Fare, Nov. 1-5, take your candy to the customer service desk. Here's how it works: 1-50 pieces gets you a goody bag; 100 pieces gets you an Itty Bitty Bites Kids Meal; and 500 pieces gets you an Itty Bitty Bites Lunch Box.

At your local dentist's office, they'll trade your candy for another treat (toothbrush, anyone?). The candy they "buy back" will be sent to troops overseas. You'll have to search to find out which dentists are participating. And you might have to call to determine the trade-in items.

All this assumes that you can actually pry the candy sack out of your child's fist. But good luck!