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No more major lights at Mammoth Oaks

On his website,, the owner of the home at Mammoth Oaks and Creola says a sad farewell to his annual lights display:

"It is with much sadness, considerable regret and some personal relief that I must announce the end of the Mammoth Christmas light show. 2010 was so successful and brought so much joy to so many people that word of our little display spread rapidly. This led to a very large attendance with many people returning over and over, again and again to see the lights and visit the penguins. Some clever counting and a little math revealed that we had well over 20,000 people visit by car on our narrow, poorly lit street throughout December 2010.

"While more than 99% of our fans behaved, there was a tiny percentage that managed to cause much stress and who endangered others with their driving behavior. A tiny percentage of over 20,000 visitors adds up to a significant number as you can imagine."

MomsCharlotte readers, where are you going to look at lights this year?