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It's a boy or a girl! And it's easy!

A Charlotte man has launched The Stork Times, which allows people to create themed baby announcements in the form of newspaper articles.

The baby announcements can be made not only by the new parents but by friends and family of new parents as well as a way of congratulating the parents on the new arrival. Each baby announcement includes all the newborn’s essential information from name, birth date, location and all the important measurements. The announcements are themed for a potential career the child might undertake, with fictitious quotes from the parents, friends and inside sources.

There are more 100 titles and themes to choose from, including pro athlete, teacher, lawyer, doctor, artist or coach.

Each customized birth announcement can be downloaded PDF form of a pdf, so it can be attached in an email. They can also be uploaded directly to Facebook and Twitter.

The site's owner and creator is James McCoy of Charlotte, who said he wanted to create a birth announcement tool that was easy and fun.

The website is free for users.